Blockman Go Mod APK 2023 (Unlimited Gcubes) Latest V2.34.4

Blockman go mod apk is a simple and addictive mobile version of the classic block collapsing puzzle game, try your best to break as many bricks as possible!

Blockman go mod apk is a game where you will have to move inside your phones by making simple controls. The point of the game is to kill enemies, earn points like clone armies mod apk, and survive as long as possible. It’s interesting because it has no end, with time you can keep killing mobs and collecting gold but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a very difficult game. There are some tips that I recommend using while playing Blockman go mod apk but first let’s talk about the controls.


On Blockman go mod apk you have two buttons, jump and shoot. As soon as you start the game you will see your main character on a field inside your phone. It will move in the direction you swipe your phone. When you tap on jump it will jump, when you swipe the screen downwards it will shoot in that direction. The objective is to kill enemies and get rid of them before they get you by touching your character.

Blockman Go Mod Apk:

  • Go on an epic journey to become a master Blockman while you speed up, down, left, right, and tilt your way through exciting levels.
  • You can even choose multiple game modes, unlock cool outfits, and sweet power-ups to help Blockman on his adventure.

Blockman go mod apk Enemies:

There are three types of enemies on Blockman go mod apk:

Small enemies:

will give you one point and they look like little green dots. They can be killed by jumping on them and shooting, but if you shoot first and don’t jump it’s the same as jumping on them so watch out for that.

Big enemies:

will give you ten points and they look like rectangles with two dots for eyes. They are the most dangerous enemies because if you don’t jump on them or shoot them they will quickly get to your character and kill it so be careful when dealing with these guys.


will give you one hundred points and once you destroy all of its parts it will explode and then you will automatically move to the next level.

After killing an enemy you will immediately get rewarded with points, gold, and experience. Experience is useful because it raises your level which in turn gives you more health for your character. Gold can be used to buy permanent power-ups but I’ll talk about that later on in the guide. Now let’s get to the other objects on Blockman go mod apk.

Blockman go mod apk Features:

Unlimited Money:

This will give you infinite money and as I said earlier this is used for buying permanent power-ups from the shop, those power-ups are good if you want to buy them but there’s another way of getting them that doesn’t involve spending real money.

Blockman go mod apk Unlimited Gcubes:

This will give you ten cubes and it’s a permanent power-up so once you get it it will stay.

Cubes: are one of the most important objects on Blockman go mod apk, they serve as your health and once you get damaged you will lose them all. Be careful when fighting enemies because if they get to your character and kill it then you will lose all of your cubes.

Gcube: is the equivalent to health potions on other games, you only get three but they fully restore your health. If you have the Unlimited Gcubes power-up then there will be no need for buying permanent health power-ups because these gcubes are infinite, you will also get them after killing bosses.

1up: is the equivalent of extra life on other games, it gives you one more chance to keep playing or revive your character if he dies. If you get killed by enemies then instead of starting from the beginning you will respawn where you got killed, but be careful because sometimes it puts you in a dangerous area.

Trail: is the equivalent of speed, jump, and regeneration potions on other games so be aware when using them because they can either help or harm you depending on what power-up you get. It will usually give you one of these four effects so keep that in mind.

Blockman go mod apk Gold Coins:

This item will give you 300 gold coins. It’s very small so it can be hard to see but if you do get it then good for you because it’s a lot of money.

Gold Coins: are your main currency on Blockman go mod apk, they have no other use than purchasing permanent power-ups. Once you get enough of them then you can go to the shop and buy stuff like outfits, trails, cube multipliers, and 1ups.

Cube Multiplier: will increase the number of cubes that you get after killing an enemy or a boss. This power-up is very useful if you are already using cubes for your health because it will help you survive longer.

Outfit: will change the appearance of your character, this has no effect on gameplay. But can make the game more fun or less fun depending on what outfit you get. You unlock new outfits by leveling up and every time that you level up then just like for health power-ups. You will get to choose between two or three outfits, there are dozens of them. So it might take some time to unlock everything.

How to Download and Install Blockman go mod apk:

  • After that click on the downloaded file and as usual, allow unknown sources. And make sure to disable battery saver mode. Because we don’t want our devices to stop Blockman go mod apk in the middle of it.
  • Now hit install and wait for the process to be finished. When it’s done open Blockman go mod apk, and start playing!
  • Also, make sure that you download only from trusted sources like this website. Because there could be viruses and other harmful software in it.
  • If you do everything correctly then you will be able to enjoy a working. Blockman go apk hack and I’m sure that you will have a lot of fun playing this amazing game!


Is blockman go mod apk free or paid?

Blockman go mod apk is totally free you can download it in a couple of minutes without having to worry about getting a virus.

What do I have to do if the Blockman go mod apk stops working?

Just download another Blockman go mod apk from this website and everything should work perfectly.

Is Blockman go mod apk safe?

Yes, as long as you download it from this website then it’s completely safe and does not contain any viruses.


We put a lot of time and effort to create this Blockman go mod apk. As well as it worked for us because we always test it before posting anything on our website. If you have any questions then feel free to leave them in the comments section below. And we will try our best to respond to you as soon as possible.

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