Bloons Td 5 Mod APK 2023 (MOD, Unlimited Money) V3.38

Bloons TD 5 mod Apk is the latest installment of the Bloons franchise. This is a strategy-based game with some tower defense implemented into it. Players assume the role of a monkey leading a strike force to take down as many balloons as possible. The more balloons you pop from your opponents, the bigger your reward.

In addition to being a good strategy game, Bloons TD 5 mod Apk also has a lot of content. There are already a number of maps available for you to check out, and if none of those grab your attention, there is the option to create custom maps as well.

There are multiple Bloons TD 5 mod Apk mods for this game which you can choose from, including unlimited money mod, infinite monkey money, fast level up, infinite points, etc. Some mods might need you to purchase or download other apps, so be careful while installing them.

The game has an online component which you can access through Game Centre, so there are also leaderboards for this title. If you decide to take the plunge and install Bloons TD 5 mod Latest Version, don’t hesitate to check out all of the mods available.


The gameplay of Bloons TD 5 mod Apk is similar to that of other strategy games. The concept is simple: you have to lead an army against your opponent, and the side that pops more balloons wins.

There are different types of towers available for you to place on the battlefield, each with its own unique function. You can place a sniper, long-range towers, and so on.

When placing your towers, think about where you want to place them. You can’t just spam all the different types of towers onto the map as you see fit because each type has its own cooldown waiting period before it can be used again. Some towers take more time than others to recharge, so once you’ve placed them the strategic placement of the towers becomes even more important.

The game is simple to play but complicated to master. There are multiple maps that you can try out against your opponent, and if they don’t grab your attention there is also an unlimited mode in which you can test yourself against an infinite number of enemy balloons.

The Bloons TD 5 mod apk for this game is fully featured, so you can check out the various modes available to see which one suits your needs. Keep in mind that you’ll need Game Centre or an account with another service provider if you want to make use of the online features.


Bloons TD 5 unlocked uses pre-rendered sprites for its graphics. This might seem outdated compared to some of the other games on the market, but it does not take away from how good this game looks. Between you and your opponent, there are multiple types of towers that can place. You’ll also have balloons flying back and forth across the battlefield with the sole purpose of being popped by your opponents.

The game is colorful, which might seem childish but the visuals are just good enough that it works. The various towers have their own unique look, so even if you do not read what each tower does before building them, just by looking at them it should be fairly easy to understand their function.

Download and Install Bloons TD 5 mod apk:

  • The first thing you have to do is to click on the download button at the top of the page.
  • Now, after successfully downloading Bloons TD 5 download from our website, you have to follow this installation guide:
  • After you have finished installing Bloons TD 5 free download successfully, now is the time for you to start playing it.

Features of Bloons TD 5 mod apk:

Bloons TD 5 Apk mod features a number of different modes for you to enjoy, including an adventure mode, a sandbox mode, and even a marathon mode. In addition to this, there is also a multiplayer component like plants vs zombies 2, Boom Beach Mod APK included in the game that allows players from around the world to battle it out online.

Unlimited coins:

Bloons TD 5 mod apk unlimited coins is a mod that allows you to get an unlimited number of monkey money and use it to buy stuff in the game. This is a must-have mod for anyone who wants to dominate their opponents quickly and easily.


This site provides Bloons TD 5 online that can give you all items & unlock all levels for free. You can get unlimited coins, unlimited monkey money, and much more!

Bloons TD 5 download is a very addicting game once you start playing it all the way through its endless hours of fun. With tons of upgrades to keep you going, check out our download button at the top of the page.

Unlimited monkey money:

This mod allows you to get an unlimited number of monkey money and use buy stuff in the game. This is a must-have mod for anyone who wants to dominate their opponents quickly and easily.

Unlimited lives:

Bloons TD 5 apk unlimited lives mean you can live as many times as you need during your gaming sessions. You won’t have to worry about running out of life. Which is great news for everyone who loves playing this game. But hates having to wait for their character to respawn.


What is modded apk?

Modded apk is a way to have unlimited resources. In other words, you can buy every item in the store without waiting for hours. You don’t need any money or a credit card!

Is this safe?

YES! It’s 100% safe because we use only local mod apk files.

What’s in this MOD APK? An Unlimited Money/Coins?

It depends on what account you are loged in with. You can find all our latest Mod Apks here!

Can I play with or against my friends?

You can play both ways! However, you need to be signed in Game Center/Google Play in order to sync your game progress.


Bloons TD 5 mod apk is a great game that will slowly start to grow on you. If you’re having trouble just spend a little time learning the basics and what all the towers can do. You’ll find yourself hooked in no time at all!

Thank you for visiting our site and checking out this page dedicated to Bloons TD 5 free! You can play this game on both iOS and Android devices.

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