Busuu Mod APK 2023 (Premium Unlocked) Version

Busuu is a language-learning application that has many different features to help you learn. One of these features (which I use almost every day) is the Language Exchange feature. The app pairs you up with random native speakers who are studying your target language in order to have simple, quick conversations for both parties’ benefit. This article will explain how to use the Language Exchange feature of busuu mod apk.

How does it work?

You can find a language exchange partner by going to the language learning section, scrolling down, and clicking on “Language Exchange”. There is a drop-down menu at the top that you can toggle your native language on and off. If your native language is on the list you will be able to find a language exchange partner. If your native language is not on the list, click “Change” to search for your native language. Once you have clicked either “Find an Exchange Partner” or “Change”, simply type in your target language and hit enter! There are many options that come up including people who speak your target language but are currently learning your native language, native speakers of certain languages, people who have the same native language as you, and many more!

How do I connect with my partner?

Once you have found your partner they will be added to a list on the home page. Simply click on their name in order to start a conversation. There are many options when starting a language exchange conversation, but most people simply send “Hi!”, “Hello?”, or another variation of this in order to get the ball rolling. If the other person sends the same word over to you, you know that they want to have a language exchange conversation with you! You can then proceed to ask the question “What language do you speak?” and simply reply using that language.

If your partner is online and ready for a conversation, they will have a green icon beside their name with an arrow on it. If they are offline, then there will be no indicator besides their name.

Features of Busuu mod apk:

  • Vocabulary – Learn new words in your target language by studying flashcards!
  • Dialogues – Use the dialogue games to practice sentence order and learn common expressions.
  • Translations – Translate texts between your native language and target language.
  • Listening exercises – Practice listening comprehension while solving fun puzzles!
  • Phrases – Memorize the most important phrases for your trip.
  • Cultural notes – Explore the culture of language through short articles written in your target language.
  • Grammar – Understand common grammatical structures in an entertaining way.

Busuu mod apk is very easy to use and I have told many people about it because it’s really reliable and helps you learn a language if you put in the effort. I personally think it’s one of the best apps for learning languages and I use it every day!

How does Busuu work?

It works by having three sections: learning, review, and vocabulary. The next sections will explain their uses in more depth:

Learning section: This section is where you will do all your speaking and writing. It includes dialogues, phrases, grammar notes, dictionary entries, cultural notes, and much more like rosetta stone mod apk.

Review section: The review section checks your comprehension of the dialogue or phrase that you did in the learning section. You complete a lesson to access the next one.

Vocabulary section: Learning new vocabulary is divided into two parts. The first part includes the flashcards, where you are given a word or phrase to translate and write down in your native language. You can then check if you were correct by selecting the second option “Use it in a sentence”.

The app also contains an audio section, which allows you to listen to audio recordings of dialogues, phrases, and flashcards. It also allows you to record your voice so that you can compare it with the recording in the app!

Download and Install Busuu Mod APK:

Busuu English Learning Mod APK:  click here to download and install the Busuu Mod apk. 

  •  First of all, you have to click on the “Change”. Then type your native language in the search box. In this case, I type “Italian”.
  •  Click on the language which you want to learn. In this case, I will choose English. Then click on the search button. Note: It’s better to choose the native language of your country if it is available in Busuu. For example, If you are an Indian then select Hindi as your native language and vice versa.
  •  After that, click on the download button then install the Busuu app for Android Phones.
  •  Then start using busuu on your computer by logging in with your Facebook account.


Busuu Mod apk for Android phone?

Yes, Busuu offers an android app that can be downloaded from our website apklance.com. 

Why should I download Busuu mod APK?

If you are looking forward to learning English then Busuu will become the best app for you. It helps users learn English through practice and experience.

How can I change the language on Busuu?

You can change your language by going to your profile settings and changing it from there.  Alternatively, you can change it at the beginning of the application under “Change”.

Do you need wifi to use Busuu?

Sure, you need wifi to use Busuu. The app heavily relies on using the internet because it uses cloud services.

Can I use busuu for PC?

Yes, you can use busuu for PC without any issues. It works on both Windows and Mac easily.  All you have to do is download BlueStacks on PC and then download Busuu for PC.  Furthermore, you can use it as an android emulator by downloading any android emulator because the busuu app supports all the android emulators. You can also directly download busuu apk from our website apklance.com for free.

Is Busuu Free?

Yes, the busuu is free to use. You don’t have to make an in-app purchase or download any app in order to get the basic version of Busuu.

Is busuu safe?

Busuu is 100% safe and secure for children. It does not ask for personal information like name, age, gender, etc.


Busuu is an educational app that helps users to learn English through practice and experience. Its unique approach of teaching people new languages has made it the number 1 app for users who are looking forward to learning new languages. I hope you like this article about “Busuu English Learning Mod APK”.

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