Carrom Pool Disk Mod APK 2023 Unlimited Money For Android V6.3.0

Carrom Pool Disk Mod APK is an adventurous game full of fun. You may have played pool table games over the internet or on the consoles but Carrom Pool Disk Mod APK will give you the experience of playing pool on your mobile devices. This game is liked by all age groups of people and each year number of players is increasing because it provides easy controls that are easy to understand. You can easily download carrom pool mod apk from any website but before downloading you should check the quality of the game.

Playing various types of games on your android devices will help in increasing your knowledge about the gaming world. Carrom Pool Disk Mod Disk APK is a fantastic game combining all the thrills and adventures you want from a pool table. The rules and controls of the gameplay are very easy to understand even for a new gamer can enjoy it without any trouble. It has provided great visual effects as well as sound effects that will help you immerse yourself in the game more.

Carrom Pool Disk Mod APK has three main modes, including Career Mode, Quick Play, and Multiplayer, each mode has its own features to make the game more interesting like Cricket Exchange Mod APK.

In Career Mode you can play a classic, normal, and/or timed game in Single Player against the CPU. In Quick Play Mode, you can select your favorite character from two modes: Classic or Pro then choose the table size from one of four sizes, after choosing what type of ball will be used when you start to play. The graphics are good so you can enjoy it on your tablet screens as well as your phones. The controls are also simple which makes playing this game hassle-free.

Carrom Pool Disk Mod APK Gameplay:

Playing this game is very simple to understand. All you have to do is to take aim with your finger then touch the power button after that touch again where you want to shoot the ball. The important aspect of playing pool table games is aiming so you should keep it in mind while playing this game. Another thing that needs attention is rebound angles, you should use this feature to your advantage.

You can play multiplayer with your friends and other players worldwide so it is a perfect app for people who love playing games on social platforms. You can even connect carrom pool mod apk with Facebook and compare your score over there so the competition gets more interesting and fun. If your friend is not online then you can play against the computer.

The game-play of this game is the same as pool table games, but it has different rules so it’s a must to know them before starting playing. While playing you have to keep in mind one thing that doesn’t hit the red-colored ball otherwise your turn will be ended. You can unlock new characters by earning points and rewards.

The controls of this game are very simple so you can easily manage the gameplay. If you want to aim your shot then just touch on the screen and select power by sliding up or down, after that swipe where you want to shoot the ball. You can use features like bounce-off angle and topspin to increase your chances for a win.

Carrom Pool Mod Disk APK Features:

  • Play Multiplayer Matches  in 2 Game Modes:
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock New Characters
  • Easy Controls
  • Free to Play
  • Unlimited Coins
  • 3D Pool table game.
  • Improved Graphics, Improved Controls.
  • Challenge your friends to play carrom with you.
  • Friendly user interface and navigation options.
  • Very smooth gameplay without any lags or bugs.

How to Download and Install Carrom Pool Disk Mod APK?

You can easily download carrom pool mod apk from any website but before downloading you should check the quality of the game.

  • First, go to Settings > Security > Turn on Unknown sources option to install apps outside Google play store.
  • After that open any browser and open our website for APK file downloads.
  • Then click on the “Install” button to start downloading.
  • It will take few seconds to complete the download process, after that install it on your device and enjoy playing exciting games.


Is Carrom Pool Disk Mod APK Free to Download?

Yes, it is absolutely free and you can enjoy all the features of this game for free.

Does carrom pool disk mod apk harm or damage my device?

NO, it only gives you the power to choose the features that you want. All of its features are beneficial and can make your gameplay more exciting.

Can we chat in Carrom Pool?

yes, You can chat with other players while playing multiplayer matches with your Facebook friends.

How you can unlock the power in Carrom Pool?

You can unlock all powers in the carrom pool disk by collecting balls and buying it in the game store.

How you can get Coins, Points & Rewards?

You will always receive coins after playing each match in multiplayer mode. You will also get points when you win single-player matches. All these points can be redeemed for rewards like power-ups, coins, balls, etc.

How you can play in multiplayer mode?

You can easily play against your Facebook friends by connecting the carrom pool to it. You will receive a notification when any of your Facebook friends want to play with you so you can accept the challenge anytime.

How much is the size of Carrom Pool Disk Mod APK?

The size of the carrom pool mod apk is 28 MB only.


If you want to play a carrom game with more excitement and adventure, then you must try carrom pool game on your device. It has different power-ups, options, and controls so it is not like regular carrom games.

Carrom Pool Disk is a fantastic pool game for android users because it has all the features that a good pool game should have. This app is completely free to download and install, this is a must-try app for those who love playing pool games on their smartphone devices. It has very simple controls so even new players can easily play this game without any trouble. If you are a pool lover then download carrom pool mod apk and install it on your device right now and start playing it to improve your pool skills. We hope you like this article about Carrom Pool Disk APK, so share this article with your friends if you really liked it.

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