Eset Mobile Security Mod Apk 2023 Unlocked Latest Version

This antivirus has all the latest features which are missing in any other antivirus software. It comes with a powerful malware scanner, privacy advisor, antitheft protection, and more tools for better performance of your Android phone. This application will provide you complete protection against any external threats that might harm your phone.ESET mobile security Mod APK has the best virus detection rate like Kaspersky Antivirus which keeps it in the competition of being one of the top antivirus software for Android phones and tablets. It is capable to detect malware based on signatures, heuristics, cloud analysis, behavior monitoring, and generic emulation.

Some of the tools included in this modded Apk are Anti-Theft Protection, Privacy Advisor, Call Blocker, SMS Filter, Firewall, Web Security Guard, etc. This app has an excellent malware scanner that can easily detect any threat to your phone’s security. It is very easy to use with its user-friendly interface that anyone can easily understand.

What’s new in this version?

It is more efficient than its previous edition with some of the latest features added to it. ESET has given some excellent tools for more security and convenience for its users.

Features Of ESET Mobile Security Mod APK:

Proactive Anti-Theft In ESET Mobile Security Mod APK:

For preventing phone theft, ESET has added a special feature known as “Proactive Anti-Theft” which will help you to track your device when it gets lost or stolen. When this happens, the app will trigger an alarm sound with its geo-location on the map so that you can easily find your device. It also enables you to wipe your personal data so that no one can misuse it.

SMS Filtering In ESET Mobile Security Mod APK:

Another useful tool is SMS filtering which helps you to manage your time by blocking spam messages and unwanted text messages. Now, you can easily block all numbers with specific words in them or senders. ESET has also added a “Call Filter” feature that allows you to set a time interval for the call blocker.

Web Security Guard:

It is considered one of the best features of this app which includes many tools to keep your phone safe from online threats. The web security guard will help you to block malicious websites and secure your internet surfing. In addition, it can also protect your device from phishing links, fake websites, same-site attacks, etc.

Scheduled Scanning:

Another feature is ‘Scheduled Scanning‘ which helps to automatically scan your device every day to detect any malware, junk files, etc. You can also schedule the scans on a weekly or monthly basis depending upon your needs and convenience. This will keep your phone’s performance at its best always.

App Lock In ESET Mobile Security Mod Apk:

It is another useful tool that provides protection to your device from unwanted access. With the App Lock feature, you can quickly lock any installed application with a password or fingerprint verification. So, no one can open your applications without entering the passcode.

Low Battery Alert:

One more feature is Low Battery Alert that will help you to get notified when your phone’s battery level gets too low or reaches a specific percentage. With the ESET security app, you can also monitor the data usage by locking down any apps which are eating up too much of you

Download and install ESET mobile security mod Apk:

Visit ESET’s official website to download the latest version of its security app. Or, you can also download it From the top of the download button: Now, simply follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process. After successful installation, tap on the “Open” button to launch this application.

Enjoy using this simple and lightweight app with the latest features added to it.

If you have any questions about how to download and install ESET mobile security mod Apk, let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share your experience of using this app with us. We would love to hear from you! 🙂

FAQs Of ESET Mobile Security Mod APK:

How can I uninstall this app?

ESET has given an in-app option to uninstall the app. You can also consider uninstalling it manually by going to its Settings>>Security settings>>Device administrators>>Deactivate Device Administrator. This will help to remove it from your device.

How to find the ESET Security version?

To know about the current version of ESET Mobile Security, check the top of the page. We have already uploaded the current version.

What are the permissions needed to install this app?

This application requires access to certain device data and resources to provide its main features. It will require access for call information, contacts, phone, SMS, external storage, etc.

Does the app also scan my device for viruses?

ESET has given a separate virus scanner called ESET Security Scan that will help you to check your phone’s security and find any malware or infected files hiding in it. It enables you to perform quick, full, custom, or hyper-scan according to your needs.


ESET has given a powerful security app to protect your mobile device from any sort of security threats. You can download and install it using the link provided above. With its user-friendly interface, you won’t feel any difficulty in using this tool on your mobile phone. I hope this article will be helpful for you to install ESET mobile security app Apk on your phone.

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