Evil Nun Mod Apk 2023 Horror Game Latest Version 1.8.5

Evil Nun mod apk is an impressive horror game that allows you to explore a haunted school while keeping one step ahead of a nun in a monk’s disguise. You get lost in this deserted school, where the ghost is hiding, so you need to escape before evil gets to you. As you run past them in rooms and hallways, remember not to go into direct contact with the evil nun – she’s guarding her territory fiercely! While the developer placed this mysterious horror game under the first-person perspective angle that makes everything look realistic and vivid, it’s certainly an experience that will keep you on your toes as well as on edge when this ghost flicks up behind which can leave you shocked!

In Evil Nun, to escape the haunted school and the evil nuns who run it, the player needs to know that pregnant nuns go deaf after they give birth. So you can use this fact to sneak past them or use their dependence on sound as a distraction so they won’t hear you moving around. Remember though, that lone pregnant nun are especially sensitive to noise – even small ones like footsteps or people’s breathing so be careful and make sure not to give them your presence away if you’re hiding under desks or file cabinets. If you are looking for more games here is also an interesting game Minecraft mod apk

Playing instructions:

The Nun is a Vietnamese movie that has caused quite a stir in recent cinema, having broken many box office sales records. The movie is about an evil nun who only wants to elicit fear from her viewers, and she does just that with her evil looks and habits. Evil Nun is a game based on this scary character, although the game follows a totally different plotline than the one in the film.

Unfortunately, the race was hard. Playing from the first-person perspective feels extremely real. The game’s controls are smooth and help make maneuvering easy, especially when it comes time to run from a nun who may hear all the noise that you make which is why if you come across an item you can hold down on it and then tap on grab to pick it up. Remember though this may give away your position as she has very sensitive hearing! Use under desks and file cabinets to hide when the coast is clear and do not let her see you – find out how to escape her by solving puzzles or by exploring different rooms trying to figure out what they might be hiding.

This school is huge! Students mill in almost every direction as they make their way through the various centers and halls. In order to truly experience everything this school has to offer, one must explore each corner of this haunted school. Download the game Evil Nun – it will scare you to your core!


Here are the features of evil run mod apk.

Unreal Scene Mode:

Finish the Evil Nun Rush story mode to uncover the secrets of the school. It consists of several floors each consisting of some levels, and you must complete them all in a chapter to unlock cutscenes and items related to the history of the world. You need food out of cans, cans that have been emptied until they are nothing but receptacles – those give you energy; it restores over time.

Some players might want to take on the challenge of saving their peers during a zombie outbreak in this mostly deserted school. You have to run away from a crazy nun turned evil monster, who thinks her territory is being invaded by these would-be survivors. During that time an outbreak has occurred, and all you can think about is getting out before she eats you!

Make strong character:

To avoid the devilish hints of the Nun, you will need to upgrade your character. Enrich yourself with new abilities and use various power-ups. Customize all items to suit your style of play and unlock new scenarios, puzzles, and pieces of the story. The Goatman doesn’t have adequate skills to defend himself, so he must be very agile in order to freely move around. If the ghost of a nun happens to spot him – the game is over! With careful listening for footsteps approaching, hide if you hear them creeping closer, and search for useful tools that can help keep you alive once more!

As a player, your hero is probably the most valuable piece of your arsenal. It’s imperative to learn how to use him or her to its full potential in order to expand upon what makes them such a powerful asset when battling monsters and managing dungeons. Hero development will help you make the best use of all their in-game potential.

Visuals & Sound:

While our game may not have the most mind-blowing graphics and engaging plot, our audio atmosphere is mostly what players enjoy the most. The combination of low melancholy synths with a demonic voice is some of the things that will keep you entertained through all the dangerous situations where evil nuns await!


Is evil nun mod apk safe?

Yes, the mod which we provide you is totally safe and covers the google requirements.

What is the size of an evil nun?

The size of this game is 131MB after download and when you play it the size will be large.

Which android version is required for the evil nun mod apk?

You have an Android 4.4+ version before downloading this game.


Let’s go through with the Evil Nun MOD APK and see if it is worth the download. The game is a casual game and is available for Android. The gameplay is simple where you have to solve puzzles to escape from the school. The puzzles are simple and you need to look for the items around the school to solve them. It is quite a nice game to play if you have some time on your hands. You need to make sure that you have an internet connection to be able to play the game.

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