Megapolis Mod APK 2023 Unlimited Everything Latest V6.40

Megapolis mod apk is a city-building simulation game where the player has to build up a modern-day metropolis. There are 5 resources in this game that you have to collect in order to successfully complete projects, grow the population and make money. The 5 resources are coal, oil, material, food, and knowledge.


Coal is produced by the Coal Power Plant. It is used to power up residential and industrial buildings.

Oil is produced by the Oil Derrick, it’s used to produce other resources like plastic and fuel.

Material is produced by the Sawmill. It is used to build roads, residential buildings and other things like that.

Food is produced by the Food Factory, it’s used to produce restaurants and hotels.

Knowledge is produce from the Library. It uses for to increase the population and build a college.

Coins are the currency of this game. They can earn by completing quests or selling resources. You need coins for building new buildings and projects. They can use it to buy new buildings too.

Oil is an important resource in this game. It can be purchase from the market or produced by the oil derrick and is very useful in producing other resources like plastic and fuel.

What is megapolis mod apk?

The article will introduce a new city-building simulator game to you. This game downloads a lot of people and flows a large number of players. It is a mobile version of the PC version that releasee several years ago, but it is still up to date with graphic effects and other features. In this article, everyone can get the first idea of the game through a short intro and some useful screenshots. Later, you can enter a comprehensive guide from which you will get all information about the megapolis mod apk.

Features of megapolis mod apk:


Megapolis has the unique feature of having airports. You will be able to export goods outside the city if you have an airport in your city. The airport produces money very fast!


Seaports are just like airports but they can import goods into the city. It’s good for opening trading routes with other cities and countries that you can export and import goods to and from.


Megapolis has a good tutorial that will guide you through the basics of building your city. There are quests too, which come as pop-up messages on the screen when certain buildings are unlock for construction or research is complete.


There are tons of buildings in the game. They range from residential homes, factories to airports and seaports! You can also unlock advanced levels for most of the basic structures like roads, water pumps, etc by completing specific quests.


There are also other cities in this game. You can visit their cities by trading with them or even attack them for more resources and rewards!


Decorating your city and the surrounding area is a fun activity! There are hundreds of different decorations like trees, fountains, statues, etc that you can place on roads and at your city’s borders. There are even events for decoration where you can get special rewards by decorating certain areas of your city!

Download and Install megapolis mod apk:

  •  Go to the download button at top of the page and the game/app file for megapolis mod apk.
  •  After downloading, open the .apk file that you just downloaded. If you receive a pop-up message like install blocked or something then you have to allow installation of unknown sources on your phone by going to settings > security > unknown sources.
  •  After the installation is complete you will be able to enjoy the megapolis mod apk without any problems!


Is there any megapolis mod apk?

Yes, there is no doubt that this game has millions of downloads worldwide and people love it so much! you can play with unlimited resources by using the megapolis mod apk. This will give you an advantage over others who are playing without cheats.

How do I install the megapolis mod apk?

The procedure is simple, you just have to follow the steps given in the download section. Just download and install the game/app file for megapolis mod apk on your android device and enjoy unlimited money!

Is it safe to download the megapolis mod apk?

Yes, it is 100% secure to download the game/app file. The download button at the top of this page is from a very trust website and it is 100% safe.

Is there megapolis mod apk offline?

Yes, if you want to play without an internet connection then you can download the game/app file for the megapolis mod apk offline version too. This will allow you to play whenever or wherever you want without any problems!

Is there a megapolis mod apk ios?

There is no confirmed news about the release of this game/app file for megapolis mod apk iOS devices yet. But we are sure they will come soon and update this page!

Is there megapolis mod apk android?

Yes, the latest updated version of megapolis mod apk is available to download for android devices. It has all features and we have provided a download link too. Hope you enjoy playing with unlimited money!


Megapolis is a great game/app to play! It has lots of adverts, you can simply turn off your wifi or data connection during the ads to get rid of them. This will give you an advantage over others who are playing without cheats.

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