Minion Masters Mod APK 2023 Unlimited Money, Gold For Android V8.2.2a

Minion Masters Mod APK Forced to Fight! is a strategy game based on the collectible card. This game is available for the Android platform and set in the Faeo Kingdom where you can choose your favorite hero with various abilities, summon minions that will fight for you, to beat any player that challenges you.

Developed by BetaDwarf, a studio from Denmark, Minion Masters online Forced to Fight! originally available for the PC platforms in Steam and Xbox One. In May 2018 will be released on PS4 Console too.

Minion Masters – Forced to Fight! take you into the world of Faeo where has been discovered a new continent that is home to eight distinct realms, each realm has its own unique environment, creatures, and inhabitants. One of the most popular card games is Magic The Gathering which has similar gameplay with Minion Masters APK – Forced to Fight! but this game is more stylized with a full 3D Unity engine. In the world of Faeo, there are 8 different factions in total, each one representing a different realm, with their own creatures and abilities.

The 8 Factions of Minion Masters are: BoneCrusher – The dead shall rise to destroy the enemy!; FireSpawn – Creatures born of flame that will incinerate all who oppose you!; SwampBeast – A monstrosity from the murky depths… nobody can see it, nobody can fight it, until it’s too late!;

Each Master possesses a unique Faction and has access to a variety of different Minions. There is a total of 131 Minion in this game each one with its own abilities that you can upgrade by using the gold or mana that you win from battles like against other players.

Minion Masters Mod APK Gameplay:

Minion Masters – Forced to Fight! is a card game where you can summon Minion and defeat your opponent by taking over his towers. Don’t forget to check out our other Mod APK’s too, such as Tomb Raider Legacy of the Cradle + Data and Summoners War: Sky Arena HD MOD.

Minion Masters – Forced to Fight! has addictive gameplay with its stylized 3D graphics, where you play as a Master summon creatures called Minion which you can control on the battlefield.

Each Minion that you can summon come from one of 8 different Factions with their own unique style and abilities. You need to build new Minion decks by collecting cards, upgrading them to be stronger. Challenge your friends or other players in the world of Faeo to battles where you need to destroy their towers and win Crystals which are used as currency.

You start with a small deck of Minion’s but by opening card chests, you can unlock new cards and upgrade them too!

Minion Masters Mod APK Features:

Multiplayer Mode:  

You can play against other players in real-time.  Upgrade and level up your Master to be stronger.

Unlimited Money: 

You need to defeat your opponent and win Crystals as currency.

131 Unique Minions:

 With its own abilities and specialties, each one with 3 levels to upgrade the Minion cards.

Different Gameplay:

Every Action has a different set of strategies and mechanics.

Unlimited Gold Coins:

To upgrade your Minion to be stronger and unlock new cards.

Unlimited Mana Crystals:  

You can use them to summon minions faster!

 Gain enough Gold to buy card chests to win new Minion cards.

Stunning 3D Graphics: 

The game is set in the world of Faeo with its own factions and creatures.

Leaderboards & Achievements:  

Unlock Achievements, climb up on the leaderboard, beat other players around the world!

How to Download and Install Minion Masters Mod APK:

  • Download Minion Masters Mod APK from the button above.
  • Once you download Install Minion Masters – Forced to Fight! on your Android device Done, Enjoy!


What is a MOD?

MOD means modified, the game will have unlimited money and mana, you don’t need to buy anything or win battles against other players.

Is this game worth my time?

Yes, the graphics are amazing, and add a unique twist to traditional card games.


So, if you are a fan of these games then I highly recommend Minion Masters – Forced to Fight! for your Android device. With its stylized 3D graphics and addictive gameplay, Minion Masters – Forced to Fight! is an amazing game that you can enjoy playing by downloading the Mod APK today.

Install Minion Masters Mod APK for android and test your skills, if you have any other questions let me know in the comments below. Thanks for visiting! If you like this page then share it on social networks.

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