Mobile Legends Mod APK 2023 (Mod Menu) For Android V1.7.34.7982

Mobile Legends mod apk is the most exciting MOBA you’ve ever experienced on a mobile platform. It’s free to download and play, but various items in the game can be purchased with real money. So some players need to search other sites or forums for the best Mobile Legends MOD APK that can add unlimited Diamonds(Money) + Unlimited BP(Battle Point) for them.

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Mobile Legends MOD APK is a game in which players control heroes with different abilities and fight against opponents. The battle is taking place on a square map with two bases, one for each team, in opposite corners. Each base consists of a fountain region where the hero respawns after death, an area inside the base that contains defensive towers, and an area behind the base gates (offline training mode only). There are two lanes dividing the map; each having a defensive tower and other potentially neutral monster camps.

Heroes killed by the enemy will respawn in the fountain after a delay. The time to wait before the next spawn is 3 seconds for heroes, 6 seconds for ordinary minions, and 12 seconds for jungle minions. The players are joining team by team to fight against enemies since there’s no random matching in this game so far. When the hero dies, he will wait to respawn in a spawn point set for each lane.


The gameplay of Mobile Legends consists of putting your hero on the lane and fighting against your enemies with different abilities. The more bubbles you pop, the more attack damage you deal with enemies. You can use many elements of MOBA games like minions (jungle monsters), towers, buffs, etc. Also, you can change main stats like strength, agility, intelligence by using various items.

It is recommended to gather gold by killing enemy minions or heroes like clone armies mod apk. You can use the gold to upgrade your abilities in the game. The most fun part of this game is playing with your friends in multiple choice of battles in many modes like arena battle, challenge, rank match, online battle(PVP).

Mobile Legends MOD APK Features:

Unlimited Money:

In cell phone games, Diamonds are the main currency for purchasing heroes, skins, maps, and so on. Unlimited money gives you plenty of options to have fun in this game without having too many problems opening chests and ranking up.

Unlimited BP:

Battle Point (BP) is one of the most important currencies in Mobile Legends. This currency is used to activate runes, enter higher league divisions, and purchase heroes. Unlimited BP will make this game more enjoyable for you!

Unlimited Coins:

Coins are the third main currency of Mobile Legends which can be used to upgrade your abilities in-game. It’s not easy at all but with Unlimited Coins, you don’t have to worry about the deep details of the game.

Unlimited Glory:

Glory is another important currency in Mobile Legends. It is used for increasing your player level, buying heroes via drafts, and purchasing runes.

Unknown God Mode:

Enabled (You can’t die anymore)

The last and the best part is that you can download the mobile legends mod apk and play offline with your friends in many modes like PVP, Arena battle, Rank match, Challenge battle without an internet connection! You just need to keep your mobile data on for a few hours and you’re ready to go.

With more than 80 heroes to choose from, you will never get bored.

Choose the lane of your preference, top, mid, or jungle.

Many fun elements like minions (jungle monsters), towers, buffs, etc.

Mobile Legends MOD APK Download:

  • Download the APK file given below in the download section by following this step.
  • Open your phone settings, security and enable unknown sources options.
  • Now install it normally like any other apk on your Android device.
  • That’s it, enjoy!


Is this game paid or free?

This game is a free-to-play MOBA. It’s available on Android (Mobile Legends MOD APK) and IOS devices with multiplayer features.

What are the control buttons?

W, A, S, D are used for moving your hero around the map. You can also use a mouse for better results and aiming abilities. Each hero has a fixed set of 3 basic skills and 1 ultimate skill which you learn first.

E is used for using your main abilities like stun, slow, attack speed buff, etc. You can also use this key to purchase items from the shop or to upgrade your weapons in-game.


That’s it, guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this article and will use the information about Mobile Legends MOD APK in order to have more fun while playing this game. If you have any kind of questions, ideas, or issues related to this post, feel free to leave a comment beneath and I will be glad to reply as soon as possible.

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