Parkour Race MOD APK 2023 (Unlimited Money) For Android V1.9.6

Parkour Race MOD APK is a casual game that requires players to do parkour. Run, climb and jump over the mountains, roofs, walls by swipe controls. The player will be able to enjoy unprecedented speed sensation, you can use props to enhance your ability in the Parkour Race game.

Parkour race is an arcade 3D parkour game on Android, which is free and just released by a South Korean developer Ntreev Soft. You can start this game from iOS or Android mobile devices with an internet connection to play it absolutely for FREE!

The Parkour Race MOD APK gameplay is simple yet addictive, where you have to jump over obstacles, figure out how to get through the stage. You will have to run through the levels like the catapult 2 mod apk with different difficulties and styles of play, you can compete for your best time with players all around the world.

The Parkour Race online is designed for all kinds of players, completing level 3 in the game by swiping left or right according to your need to move and jump. You can swipe up to jump and swipe down to slide that’s all.


There are 3 different modes in the game, each of them can be turned on or off. You can use props to enhance your ability in the Parkour Race.

The second mode is arcade mode, which allows you to compete with other players and see who’s the best! The third mode is competition mode, where you can play two courses that are made for competitions. You can try your best to be the number one in these courses and complete them faster than anyone else.

Parkour Race Mod APK Features:

Unlimited Money:

You can buy everything with unlimited money or coins.

Unlimited Coins:

You will get free unlimited coins and cash as a reward regularly you can buy anything in the shop!

Free to Play:

Parkour Race MOD APK is free to play and all items and props for this game are available to purchase using in-game currencies; Gold and Cash, which can be earned from different sources.

Unlocked Survival Mode:

You don’t need to unlock the survival mode because it’s already unlocked in this MOD APK.

Unlocked Characters:

In Parkour Race MOD APK, you get all characters for free without any purchase. You can play with your favorite character without purchasing it.

Unlimited Health:

Your health will be unlimited for this MOD APK and you can play the game without worrying about losing health.

Unlocked Double Jump:

Double jump is already unlocked in this MOD APK you don’t need to unlock it by performing some tasks or quests. You can use double jump as many times as you want.

Intuitive controls:

Easy tap-to-jump intuitive gameplay makes it playable by anyone, with or without gaming experience.

Immersive 3D Environment:

Beautiful full 3D stages are offered in multiple locations such as concrete jungle, space stations, ancient cities, and frozen tundra.

Gorgeous Visuals:

Stunning 3D graphics with detailed textures, charming characters, and smooth gameplay animation.

Awesome Power-ups:

Race faster than your best time by using power-ups including double/triple jump or magnetic shoes.

Catch your Friends:

Challenge your Facebook friends to beat your score on the leaderboards or share your runs online.

Match runner World Record Holder:

Be motivated by one of the top runners, earn his trophies, and get matched against him in future races.

How to download and install Parkour Race MOD APK:

  • You can download Parkour Race MOD APK from the download button at the top of the page from our website ads-free.
  • Install it using your favorite File manager to launch this game.
  • Enjoy!


What is Parkour Race MOD APK?

Parkour Race MOD APK is a special apk for android which is used to hack the original version. This apk gives you all items in the game for FREE. Now download and install Parkour Race Pitfall MOD APK offline.

What are the controls?

On Parkour Race MOD APK, you will play with swipe controls. Just swipe left or right on the screen to move and jump and swipe up for a double jump and down to slide!

Why is this game so easy?

There are no complicated tasks or bugs in Parkour Race MOD APK. This game is modified from the original version. You have unlimited money you can buy everything in the shop.

What controls should I use?

You can use touch or swipe controls. Just click on the button in the upper right corner to change the control type.

How many levels are there?

Parkour Race MOD APK has three different modes, and each mode has a different number of courses/stages. All stages have fixed levels.

How many characters are there?

Parkour Race MOD APK has 4 different character models you can choose any one of them to play with. If you want the other 3 models, just buy them in the shop!


On the whole, Parkour Race MOD APK is a free and fun game with simple tap-to-jump, swipe controls, and 3D graphics. Don’t miss the opportunity to test your skills and beat this thrilling adventure race alone or compete against your friends. For any query feel free to come to the comment section.

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