Roblox Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money) For Android V2.499.381

Our Roblox Mod APK team proudly brings you a new awesome hacking tool that will give you free unlimited Money and tickets to your favorite game. It is compatible with all devices, no root or jailbreak is needed to run this hack Roblox mod apk. If our tool does not work for you, please contact us first so we can solve the problem as fast as possible for you. Roblox game is a very famous game nowadays. It has more than 30 million active users worldwide, which makes it one of the most played games.

It is an online virtual playground and workshop where people can design their own games or play other’s custom-made games or even create their own places for others to come to explore, all within a gaming system that truly brings the concept of playing together on imaginative platforms to life. However, Roblox is not available for PC users.

Roblox Mod APK is a file and program that allows players on Roblox to modify or add things to the game. It was first invented by David Baszucki, founder of Roblox Corporation. The ROBLOX Studio is mainly used for editing but recently update with 3D features such as import and export 3D models.


Escape From The Time Prison Gameplay The game is a third-person perspective platformer/adventure game, in which the player can freely move around in a 3D world. The player controls an avatar that jumps, runs, and attacks its way through different levels like animal warfare mod apk.

There are 100 levels in total, with varying difficulties. Some of the puzzles can be solve through physically manipulates objects in the environment. Some levels, however, require the player to figure out what needs to be done and then execute it through a combination of attacks.

Inventory-wise, the player can carry up to five items at a time. In addition to health potions, which are created from blob monsters found within the game, the player can also carry mystery potions that give special abilities, such as increased speed or strength. There are five ‘Mystery Potions’ in total.

A key feature of The Time Prison is its multi-player mode. Players can either play with each other on their own computers or play online over Roblox’s servers. The game contains numerous multi-player levels, including a race level in which players compete to get through the course first. There are only three playable characters, each with different abilities and attributes. The player is given free choice as to which character he or she wishes to use.

Roblox Mod APK Features:

Our team has implemented lots of great features that you will enjoy while playing your favorite game. You can add unlimited money and tickets to your account. There is no limit of how many you can add. You can also toggle on/off the “Anti-Ban System” that will protect your account from getting banned for using our tool. We are sure that you will enjoy this awesome Roblox hacked apk!

Unlimited Robux:

The most important thing about this program is that you can add unlimited Robux on your account. We all know how expensive it is to purchase Robux and even though we can earn them while playing the game, they never felt like enough for us. This hack tool has made it very easy for players to gain more Robux and thus making the game much more enjoyable.

Gems Unlimited:

Another great feature that this program has to offer is the Gems option. You can add unlimited Gems to your account, which means you will never have to worry about running out of money in the game! All you have to do is toggle on/off the “Anti-Ban System” and start adding unlimited Gems to your account! With enough money, you will be able to purchase and build anything that you like in Roblox.

Unlimited Tickets:

Roblox was originally a pay2play game which meant that you had to actually spend real money on purchasing tickets to go into different places and even buy items.

How to Download Roblox Mod APK?

In order to download and install a mod place/game on your account, an unmodify client must use. This can be download on the official website through an account that has ROBLOX Studio installed.

If you are searching for Roblox mod apk then you have landed on the right page. Today in our post, I will tell you how to download and install the Roblox mod apk easily without any issue.

  • The first thing you have to do is, download your current version of ROBLOX APK from the official website.
  • Download your current or older version of Roblox Apk.
  • Installing a new version will automatically update Roblox App if you have the latest version previously installed on your device.
  • If you don’t have any previous version installed, then it will install the new version you downloaded.


What are Roblox Mod APK file types?

The Roblox Mod APK files vary depending on what you are trying to change or add to your place/game, but they are always of the.RXDX format. These files must place in specific directories to load when the game/place starts. The most common file types are models, which are used to import 3D objects to use in your place or game, package files, which are files that are compressed using compression software such as WinRAR and contain other data Robux programs for ROBLOX

What if you want to play the Roblox game offline? How about Roblox mod apk? Is it possible?

Yes! If you are one of those people who would like to enjoy Roblox offline mod apk, then you’re at the right place.

What is Roblox Mod?

Roblox mod apk can be defined as a mod version of the original app file to extend its functionality and sometimes with extra features. You can use it with or without root access. Having a rooted device allows more access to the android device, But having a rooted device also has some very severe disadvantages.

Most of all, you can play unlimited Roblox games with this version without any issue. You can easily download or install it on your android phone or tablet and start playing right away.

How to download Roblox mod apk? 

You can easily download the Roblox mod apk by clicking on the link given above. Just follow our simple guide.

Is it safe to download Roblox mod apk? 

Yes, it is 100% safe to download ROBLOX APK.

Can I get banned for downloading ROBLOX MOD APK? 

No, you won’t get bann for this, because we always take the latest version and we update our post whenever they release a new update. SO, you don’t have to worry about getting bann.


Roblox is the best game in the world. Play and enjoy all the features of this mod. For any query feel free to ask in the comment section.

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