True Skate MOD APK 2023 Unlimited Money For Android V1.5.54

True Skate MOD APK is a skateboarding simulation game that allows you to perform tricks. You can do so in different locations, set across the globe which includes San Francisco, Moscow, and Barcelona to name a few.  The game has an in-depth tutorial system that will allow you to learn skateboarding tricks. The objective is to complete runs by picking up items along the way, without falling off your board.

You can gain new skins for performing certain tricks like grinds. There are some competitions that you can compete in and even tournaments where you can win big prizes.

This game features realistic graphics and physics, which will allow you to recreate what it feels like to actually skateboard. There are different customizable controls like soccer stars mod apk for setting your own preferred control scheme (keyboard, gamepad, or joystick). This is one of the best games that come with many levels; you can download True Skate MOD APK to unlock all levels.


True Skate MOD APK is a realistic, skateboarding simulation game. The goal of this game is to put you in the shoes of a skateboarder and complete different runs (levels) without falling off your board. You will be able to perform skateboard tricks like manuals, tailslides, nosegrinds, kickflips, ollies, and more.

As you complete different levels (runs), you will be able to unlock new ones or even gain new skins for your board; this is done by performing certain tricks like grinder slides. Skins are available for grabs when it comes to grinding, flipping, spinning, popping, and even manuals.

There are some run types that are available where you can compete against other players or even against yourself, for the best time. You are also able to participate in Skateboard Tricks competitions and win some skateboarding gear, cash money, credits, new boards, etc.

This game features realistic graphics and physics. There are different modes that you can play; this includes Tricks Mode, Free Skate Mode, and Classic Mode. The graphics in True Skate download free is very realistic; you can see everything from the board deck to the wheels. The physics are also great as all tricks look natural and smooth making it a fantastic skating simulation game.

This skateboarding simulation game offers different control schemes which include a keyboard, gamepad, or joystick. You can choose your own preferred control scheme to better match your play style. As you progress through the game, this will be helpful as it’s an easy way to learn tricks with ease.

True Skate MOD APK Features:

Unlock New skateboards:

While you make progress, you can unlock new skateboards to use.

Unlock Skins:

There are many different skins that you can unlock for your board; this is done by doing tricks like grinds.

Complete different levels (runs):

As you complete different runs, you will be able to unlock other runs or even gain new skins.

Compete in Skateboard Tricks competitions:

You can participate in this contest and win new boards, cash money, credits, skateboarding gear, etc.

You can make progress on your own time:

True Skate MOD APK works on a session-based system which means you only have to pay the specified amount of time every day to make progress.

Different Modes:

There are different game modes available where you can play like Tricks Mode, Free Skate Mode, and Classic Mode.

Realistic Graphics and Physics:

This feature allows you to see everything from the board to the wheels in detail; it also comes with realistic physics which makes all tricks look great and smooth.

Unlimited Money:

You will have unlimited money once True Skate MOD APK is installed.

Unlock All Levels:

You can unlock all levels that come with this game with the help of True Skate MOD APK.

How to Download and Install True Skate MOD APK:

  • Download the True Skate MOD APK file from the Download button at the top.
  • Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  • Tap on the OK button.
  • Find the downloaded True Skate apk file in your device’s storage/SD card, and install it by tapping on it.


Is there any other way to unlock all levels?

No. The only way is to download True Skate hack APK.

How many runs (levels) come with this game?

A lot of them and you can unlock more if you make progress in the game. This is why it’s recommended that you use True Skate MOD APK as it will save your progress on that run.

How can I change my board?

Tap on the Board icon at the top left corner of the screen to find out about all available boards and skins. Do I have to pay anything to unlock new runs or boards? No, as long as you use True Skate online, everything will be unlocked for you.

Does this game feature multiplayer?

No, it does not. Why is there lag when I play True Skate MOD APK? Try closing all other applications that might be running in the background to solve this issue.

How can I unlock new boards and skins?

Make progression by completing different runs; this will help you unlock new boards, runs, and skins.

Does True Skate MOD APK save my progress?

You can use the save button that’s available in this game to keep your progress. Note: Make sure you use True Skate MOD APK before using the Save feature so you don’t lose any progress.


True Skate MOD APK is a fun game to play if you are looking for something different from the endless runners and physics games. It’s an interesting skating simulation game that allows you to play in realistic environments with special tricks. You can even participate in competitions, make progress on your own time, enjoy different modes available, etc. This skateboarding simulation game is a must-have app for skateboarding enthusiasts out there.

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