Zombie Road Trip mod apk 2023 Unlimited Money Unlocked Version 3.30

Zombie Road Trip mod Apk is the best racing game in which you will get unlimited money, gold, diamonds, and much more. You are searching for a place to stay in your trusted vehicle through the scorching desert.

There will be thousands of zombies roaming around the paths to your safe location, so it’ll be a challenge as you’ll have to avoid the zombies blocking the path, get through obstacles during the ride, and maintain a good speed to avoid the hungry zombies.

You can unlock new cars with better stats, power up your cars, unlock more powerful weapons so you can take down blocks and zombies, and collect various upgrades so you can help yourself on your journey. Like Hill Climb Racing 2 mod Apk, Drift Max Pro Mod APK Zombie Road Trip mod Apk introduces Android users to the old but gold concept of the game.


In Zombie Road Trip, the players can experience an exciting gameplay experience as they try to escape the nasty zombies. You’ll ride on numerous maps with different terrains and obstacles as you avoid their clever attacks.

Give them a simple shove with your car or slam them with a direct hit. Stay away from those nasty creatures at all costs. Be sure to keep your car’s current condition in mind to make sure that it’s still in good condition.

Run from one location to another. You won’t be able to stay anywhere long as the zombie plague sweeps across the country. You have to keep moving and try your best to survive the endless challenges of the game.


You can find all the exciting features of the game here:

Simple and intuitive controls with adjustable options:

Zombies Road Trip is a simple and intuitive game with simple controls, so gamers will quickly get familiar with it. However, you will also be able to use virtual buttons and tilt controls for controlling the game. According to your tastes, there are many choices available. You can enjoy the game however you like.

Travel to multiple maps with different landscapes:

As you play through the game, you will see a variety of different maps with unique landscapes. Every place has its own characteristics and challenges. You’ll also feel like your challenges are new every time you go through the completely randomized terrains. Thus, in order to win against your enemies, you’ll need to master the controls rather than memorize the maps.

Pick up various weapons to eliminate the zombies:

Gamers who are interested in Zombie Road Trip can also get acquainted with a variety of different weapons that they can use to help them escape. Therefore, between the 10 different weapons available, you can choose your favorite one. Your laser beam will dispatch the zombies instantly while your endless line of bullets will shred them into pieces. It’s all up to you what you choose.

Unlock new vehicles In Zombie Road Trip mod Apk:

Additionally, the game includes a variety of cars, from the most mundane to the most exotic. Thus, it is possible to ride a motorbike, a modified supercar, a horse, a motorboat, an enchanting Trojan horse, an alien, or even a werewolf. Thus, in Zombie Road Trip, everything can be ridden if you dare. So don’t hesitate to select your favorite from more than 34 different available vehicles.

Enjoy the game with the available add-ons:

In addition, unlike other games, Zombie Road Trip also allows you to pick up 8 different add-ons. There are many unique changes to the game that will make it more enjoyable. Prepare yourself for them by getting ready.

Perform awesome stunts on your cars to earn more coins:

In addition, Zombie Road Trip has a series of epic stunts that you can try on your car. In addition, the design and build of the cars you own will also determine it. Cars are usually ridiculous. Nevertheless, you can do your mid-air flips whenever you want and earn awesome bonuses. You must land carefully, or you will lose your life to the zombies behind you.

Multiple achievements Of Zombie Road Trip mod Apk:

You can also choose from a variety of achievements and challenges in Zombie Road Trip, in addition to the fun gameplay. This would be a great opportunity to earn rewards that no one else could offer in a challenge. Plus, you’ll have major bragging rights with your friends if you take on these challenges.

Compete with friends and online gamers in the leaderboards:

Zombie Road Trip allows gamers to connect with friends online to play with them. Depending on which option you choose, you can take part in the endless driving challenges or compete on the leaderboards.

If you link the game to your social account, you’ll be able to see all of your friends who are playing it.

Free to play Zombie Road Trip Mod APK :

It’s quite surprising that despite all of the remarkable features, this game is still free. As a result, you can easily find it on the Google Play Store. Tap the install button and your mobile device will be ready in no time.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod:

Due to the game’s in-app purchases and advertisements, many of you might find it somewhat annoying. Therefore, you might like to change the game a little by installing our mod.

You’ll be able to play the game without any ads or in-app purchases, as it will be completely unlocked. Everything is free and open to everyone. On our website, you can download and install the Zombie Road Trip Mod APK.

Visual and sound quality Of Zombie Road Trip Mod APK

Graphics Of Zombie Road Trip mod Apk:

Zombie Road Trip offers thrilling and addictive zombie escape gameplay with dynamic zombie demolition physics. Using your car engines, you can smash through the line of zombies and send them all over the place. The high-definition and detailed graphics also make the game enjoyable for Android gamers. The game’s low-demanding graphics will also ensure that you can still enjoy playing it on low-end devices.


As you guide your character to his safe, you will be immersed in the endless survival runs in Zombie Road Trip. Your powerful engines can push them off, your powerful guns can crush them, and your rockets can destroy them. Everything will be more fun and realistic with realistic sound effects.

Download Zombie Road Trip Mod APK

Zombie Road Trip will certainly appeal to fans of Earn to Die mod Apk. You can choose multiple vehicles, try different weapons, and boosts along the way as you take down zombies. We offer our mod for free, so you can play it whenever you want.

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